Target Zero Enforcement Team

Acting on several strategies identified in the Strategic Highway Safety Plan, an agreement between the South Carolina Department of Transportation and the South Carolina Department of Public Safety was formalized for the purposes of forming enforcement teams along high crash corridors in the state. Through this partnership, a specialized enforcement team comprised of 24 Highway Patrol Troopers will be deployed to focus their full time efforts to the concentrated and strict enforcement of the state’s traffic laws within specific corridors of the state that have experienced a high number of fatal and serious injury crashes. The locations of these crashes, that involved an impaired driver, speeding, or unrestrained motor vehicle occupants, were used to identify the enforcement corridors. The data analysis led to the identification of 16 corridors across four regions that will be patrolled by Target Zero Enforcement Team members for the purpose of enforcing traffic laws and thereby reducing collisions and consequently injuries and fatalities.

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