The Target Zero Safety Plan is an outstanding example of collaborative effort involving discussion and input among a variety of highway safety stakeholders in our great state. This collaboration involved consultation with the appropriate federal partners and state agency heads, as well as representatives of the South Carolina Highway Patrol, the South Carolina State Transport Police, local law enforcement agencies, and those involved in highway safety education and engineering efforts. Additional collegial and collaborative input was received in the context of SCDOT and SCDPS staff participating in a series of public information meetings that included representatives and officials of regional and metropolitan planning organizations; major modes of transportation; railroad-highway grade crossing safety; non-motorized users; county transportation; and other Federal, State, tribal, and local safety organizations.


South Carolina Department of Public Safety, Office of Highway Safety 
and Justice Programs

Phil Riley, Director

South Carolina Department of Transportation, Traffic Engineering Safety Office 

Brett Harrelson, P.E., State Traffic Safety Engineer
Dick Jenkins, P.E., State Traffic Management Engineer
Jennifer Rhoades, P.E., Safety Program Data Analysis Engineer
Emily Thomas, SHSP Manager

Federal Highway Administration, South Carolina Division 

Dan Hinton, P.E., Safety and Traffic Engineer