About Target Zero

South Carolina’s State Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) is a statewide, comprehensive safety plan that provides a coordinated framework towards eliminating traffic deaths and reducing severe injuries on South Carolina’s public roads. This coordination requires combining and sharing resources and focusing efforts on areas with the greatest potential for improvement. The development of the SHSP was also performed in consultation with federal, state, local, and private-sector safety stakeholders. The SHSP strategically establishes statewide priorities and identifies critical emphasis areas which were identified through detailed analysis of statewide crash data. The strategies that were developed involve the four “E”s of safety (Engineering, Enforcement, Education, and Emergency Medical Services.


The federal transportation act, Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21), requires all states to update their respective Strategic Highway Safety Plans (SHSP) in order to continue to qualify for receipt of Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) funds. The South Carolina Department of Transportation is responsible for the administration of the state’s HSIP. The HSIP requires a data-driven strategic approach to identify and correct high crash locations and/or crash patterns on all public roads and implement safety improvements through engineering solutions. This HSIP addresses priorities as identified in the SHSP. This is particularly important in South Carolina, where 63% of the public road miles are owned by the state, compared to 19% nationally.



South Carolina’s Office of Highway Safety and Justice Programs also receives funding via MAP-21 for education and enforcement activities that are implemented throughout the state as strategies for eliminating traffic fatalities and reducing severe injuries. Additional information regarding specific strategies and countermeasures can be found in the State’s Highway Safety Plan.

The collaboration of so many partners, across so many fields, underscores the unity for driving down fatalities. While South Carolina has experienced an almost 25% reduction in traffic fatalities since 2007, hundreds continue to perish on our state’s road each year. Eliminating fatalities and reducing injuries is not just a vision, it is a goal – one we can all live with.