Acting on several strategies identified in the Strategic Highway Safety Plan, an agreement between the South Carolina Department of Transportation and the South Carolina Department of Public Safety was formalized for the purposes of forming enforcement teams along high crash corridors in the state. Through this partnership, a specialized enforcement team comprised of 24 Highway Patrol Troopers will be deployed to focus their fulltime efforts to the concentrated and strict enforcement of the state’s traffic laws within specific corridors of the state that have experienced a high number of fatal and serious injury crashes. The locations of these crashes, that involved an impaired driver, speeding, or unrestrained motor vehicle occupants, were used to identify the enforcement corridors. The data analysis led to the identification of 16 corridors across four regions that will be patrolled by Target Zero Enforcement Team members for the purpose of enforcing traffic laws and thereby reducing collisions and consequently injuries and fatalities.

See where the Target Zero Enforcement Teams are working in your area:


  • 1 I-26

    From SC-27/Old Gilliard Rd. To Milepoint 195.6
    465 Crashes; 15 Fatalities; 208 Severe Injuries

  • 2 S-62/College Park Rd.

    From US-17/N. Main St. To US-78
    1,028 Crashes; 5 Fatalities; 527 Severe Injuries

  • 3 I-26

    From Milepoint 204 to Milepoint 214
    3,117 Crashes; 9 Fatalities; 913 Severe Injuries

  • 4 US-17/Savannah Hwy.

    From S-57/Bees Ferry Rd. To SC-171/Folly Rd.
    1,441 Crashes; 14 Fatalities, 561 Severe Injuries

  • 5 US-301/John Calhoun Dr./Five Chop Rd.

    From S-1606/Cherry Hill Rd. to Laquinta Dr.
    636 Crashes; 12 Fatalities; 403 Severe Injuries


  • 1 US-25/White Horse Rd.

    From SC-291/Augusta Rd. to S-782/Lily St.
    2,530 Crashes; 16 Fatalities; 1,023 Severe Injuries

  • 2 US-276/Poinsett Hwy./Laurens Rd.

    From S-321/N. Parker Rd. to I-85
    1,781 Crashes; 6 Fatalities; 496 Severe Injuries

  • 3 I-385

    From Laurens County Line to S-941/Bridges Rd.
    814 Crashes; 6 Fatalities; 241 Severe Injuries

  • 4 SC-28/Abbeville Hwy./Pearman Dairy Rd.

    From S-149/S. McDuffie St. to S-62/Old Pearman Dairy Rd.
    1,182 Crashes; 9 Fatalities; 556 Severe Injuries


  • 1 US-501

    From US-701/4th Ave. to US-17 Kings Hwy.
    3,753 Crashes; 19 Fatalities; 1,245 Severe Injuries

  • 2 US-17B/S. Kings Hwy.

    From Georgetown Co Line to US-501
    1,460 Crashes; 14 Fatalities; 670 Severe Injuries

  • 3 US-17B/N. Kings Hwy.

    From US-501 to US-17
    1,418 Crashes; 7 Fatalities; 749 Severe Injuries

  • 4 US 17/N. Kings Hwy.

    From S-671/Piney Grove Rd. to SC-302/Airport Blvd
    2,925 Crashes; 13 Fatalities; 799 Severe Injuries


  • 1 I-26

    From S-1606/Cherry Hill Rd. to Laquinta Dr.
    636 Crashes; 12 Fatalities; 403 Severe Injuries

  • 2 US-1/Gervais St./Two Notch Rd.

    From US-378/Sunset Blvd. to Trenholm Rd. Ext.
    2,580 Crashes; 9 Fatalities; 996 Severe Injuries

  • 3 SC-48/Assembly St./Bluff Rd.

    From US-21/Elmwood Ave. to I-77
    1,211 Crashes; 5 Fatalities; 420 Severe Injuries