Vulnerable Roadway Users


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The Overview

In South Carolina, from 2008 to 2012, there were 71 bicyclist fatalities (1.6% of total traffic deaths) and 353 severely injured bicyclists (2.1% of all traffic-related severe injuries).

Our Challenge

Improper bicyclists’ actions account for nearly 30% of the contributing factors in fatal and severe injury collisions in which they were involved.

The figure below illustrates the top contributing factors for bicyclist-involved fatal and severe injury collisions. The actions of a non-motorist, in this case the bicyclist, accounted for almost 30% of the factors that contributed to these collisions. Bicyclist activities include failure to yield right-of-way, inattention, dark clothing, disregard of signs/signals, riding on the wrong side of the road, and being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

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Education, Enforcement, Engineering and Emergency Management Services

1 Improve bicyclist facilities.

Strategies (how)

1.1   Consider bicycle accommodations, mobility, and safety needs during the needs assessment of all projects.

Implementation Area(s):  Engineering

1.2  Implement separate paths for bicyclists where supported by crash/ safety data.

Implementation Area(s):  Engineering

2 Improve bicyclist safety awareness and behavior.

Strategies (how)

2.1   Increase bicycle safety education programs in elementary schools.

Implementation Area(s):  Education

2.2  Educate roadway users on bicycle visibility, performance, etc.

Implementation Area(s):  Education

2.3 Promote the use of reflective apparel and lights among bicyclists.

Implementation Area(s):  Education

2.4  Educate law enforcement and all road users (including bicyclists) on bicycle laws.

Implementation Area(s):  Education

3 Coordinate with local stakeholders to reduce the number and severity of bicycle-involved collisions.

Strategies (how)

3.1   Identify top counties with bicycle- involved collisions, approach MPOs/COGs to offer statistical assistance, and discuss possible countermeasures.

Implementation Area(s):  Education,  Engineering

3.2  Encourage the continued School Audits performed by DHEC and other community stakeholders.

Implementation Area(s):  Public Policy